So you’re 1 month away from a big event that you thought you were looking in peak condition for but the sad realisation is that you are far from there yet.

I have numerous people who come to us looking for that quick fire fat loss.. and even though I don’t condone this type of dieting it’s the quickest and most effective way to smash the fat!

Follow these 10 steps

  • Strip all high carbohydrate foods from you diet (excluding low carbohydrate vegetables) for 2 weeks, this will help elevate your body of water and fat storage. This will be a hard phase as the dependency on carbs (especially grains, potatoes and sugars) will kick in. Then when you’ve reached the millstone 14th day you can have what we call a “cheat meal” which is classified as a carb re-feed day, where you can eat for one meal whatever you please. Once you’ve done the initial phase you can carbohydrate cycle every 6th-7th days (meaning that you fast from high carbohydrate meals for 6-7 days and then have your cheat meal to complete the cycle) ** It is very important that you don’t slip up over this first 2 week phase as it establishes a good base for fat loss**
  • Ensure that you’re getting a good high quality protein, low carbohydrate vegetables and fats every meal! This includes breakfast, so forget toast and peanut butter and switch it for 2 cups of vegetables with 2 poached or boiled eggs on the side. **Eat 1.6g per kg of your body weight per day**
  • What are low carbohydrate vegetables? In a nut shell look for green leafy vegetables such as spinach, boc-choy, silver beat, celery, eggplant, tomatoes, green beans, avocado, capsicum, cauliflower, broccoli and much more. These little guys will help with your hormone balance while you’re depleting carbohydrates and stop you from craving “bad carbohydrates”!
  • Getting good fats is the key whilst on a low carb dieting phase, as you start to deplete the carbs in your diet you will find energy production may slow and general performance may lack due to the fact you either 1 not getting enough calories in each meal or 2 not having essential fats with EVERY meal! ** Good fats come in the form of olives, olive oil, avocado, avocado oil, fish, fish oil, butter, nuts, seeds and eggs plus a lot more**
  • Getting enough calories is a hard thing when you can’t fill it with carbohydrates, so this is where your fats assist you in getting those numbers balanced. As the calorie count per gram of fat is 9 you can see why if you need to get your numbers up it’s a no brainer as its double what protein and carbohydrates are.
  • Workout within the anaerobic threshold, I talk about this in other blogs-
  • Eliminate beverages with anything over 1 calorie (apart from your post workout nutrition). So that means water is the only adequate source of hydration, this also includes alcohol!


**Added tip- Having a shot of apple cider vinegar during the morning to help with sugar and carbohydrate cravings between meals or after training in the initial 2 week carbohydrate depletion phase can be a life saver especially over the last few days of the cycle**


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