Personal training gets results!

Personal training, the most effective and time extensive ways to get results fast!
Personal training, the most effective and time extensive ways to get results fast!


We all need a little help with exercise and motivation sometimes, whether we’ve just started training and need a little guidance or been at it for a while and need that push to achieve something incredible! Still, there are people who shy away from personal training, unsure of what they’ll get out of the experience, if they are already fit enough for a personal training sessions or whether it’s worth the money. This comes down to the way you choose your personal training coach as some people just want a individualized program so they can lose weight or get in shape while others simply need to be held accountable for their workouts.

At Rarity Fitness, we structure all of our training sessions to our clients based on our postural analysis and also the specific goals set by you and your personal training coach at the start of your program. Postural analysis is a great way to see how you as an moves and if there is any imbalances or injuries that may effect the way we train when put through basic movements. Use of the SMART goal setting system is especially effective to make sure that all your goals are going to be achievable but also measurable and reasonable for the period of time we have allocated.

Once you’ve chosen your personal training coach you then need to look at how they program and if it is specific to your goals of weight loss, muscle gain or increase in fitness. A good coach will help structure a program that puts you through week by week more challenging exercises or sequences of lifts to ensure that you’re never bored or unmotivated. This can be as simple as going form 10 squats to 15 squats, as long as there is a progression in your training then there’s a improvement in your health. As well as good programming personal training coaches must teach you how to perform exercises correctly but they should also coach you into knowing how and why you do them in specific ways so that you can preform them on your own outside of your personal training sessions.

You want to achieve something just that little bit quicker? The quote “gyms don’t get you fit, personal trainers do” is a useful way to see how a personal training coach can help get you there quicker, going to the gym always starts with a bang but without all the above being factored in you lose motivation and excitement when not having a well structured challenge set ahead of you. With a personal training coach you have the commitment to them but also held accountable for things such as diet and exercise intensity (no half workouts) which gets you RESULTS!

To see how our personal training coaching is unique to any other head to our personal training coaches page and have a look at our coaches and what they can do for you! Our first two sessions are free on enquiry so come in try us out!


Thanks and happy training!

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