My Experience With A 3 Day Water Fast!

3 Day Water Fast

3 Day Water Fast

Recently I decided to undertake a three day water fast due to the curiosity around the natural ways to help detoxify the body’s immune, digestive and circulatory system.

So naturally all the people who I spoke to about the three day water fast said “why would you want to lose more weight?” or “why are you starving your body if it’s saying you’re hungry?” After considering these questions I took some time to actually think about what it was that I was trying to achieve. I came to the conclusion that it was purely to challenge myself mentally and physically, whilst educating myself on the benefits of fasting.

So why did I do it? Well I’ve been reading into and trying to understand our bodies hunger response to help my clients lose weight, reduce cravings, control blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, remove toxins from organs, increase energy and understand intolerance (lactose, gluten).

The three day water fast really only entails a few things that is fast from any type of nutrition apart from water (tea) for 72 hours. I found drinking warmer water was easier as my hunger response started to kick in. You need to consume around 2-5 litres of water in the day as you’re trying to flush any toxins that are being circulated in your body out.

I’ve taken photos on how I look and documented how I feel bellow. I found my eyes are a massive indicator on my health so I’ve also taken photos of them as well to see any pigment or colour change.

Started Thursday 7pm (87.7kgs)

3 Day Water Fast

12 hours – still good energy, no cravings as of yet, extremely thirsty (continuously dry mouth).16 hours – slight craving for fruit, slightly elevated heart rate, still very thirsty.

22 hours – lacking in concentration but still energetic, still craving fruit which I feel is related to dinner time routine.

24 hours – fluctuating energy, cravings of food higher, very irritable and lack of concentration (brain fog), low blood pressure.

36 hours – had good night’s sleep, woke early with feeling of energy which fluctuates regularly (sore lower back, teeth and head ache however), feeling shaky, still low blood pressure but no longer craving food (drinking green tea).

3 Day Water Fast

40 hours – no longer hungry, good energy but still low stamina, blood pressure is back to normal, still sore lower back, spending time in the sun for 30 minutes at a time to try keep energy up.

46 hours – no real cravings for food around dinner time, fatigue, no longer have lower back pain. Have cold feet and hands yet do not feel cold, almost flue like symptoms. No longer have lack in concentration or “brain fog”.

48 hours – good energy, but no stamina, fidgeting/ boredom, low blood pressure, unusual thought processes towards food, TV is horrible to watch because everything is related to food, craving more starchy vegetables such as potato/sweet potato.

60 hours – a lot of energy this morning, stamina has returned and feel very switched on, have no craving for food, have been out doing things all morning and no problems.

3 Day Water Fast

64 hours – no food cravings, great energy and focus. Very unlike the past couple of days, no issue with moving, have gone and done some light Olympic ring work. I am however getting cramps in my calves.

69 hour – feel normal, slightly hungry starting to like routine think about dinner, have noticed I haven’t wanted to drink as much water as normal.

72 hours – no change in mood, just looking forward to getting some nutrition via fruit smoothie.

Finished Sunday night 7pm (82.4kg). Have drank smoothie with banana, mango, paw paw and a splash of coconut milk.. and its probably the best thing I’ve ever eaten! I can actually feel the nutrients filling my body and almost a little sugar rush of instant energy.

So after all this fasting what has changed for me? Apart from my physical appearance I think my perspective on food and our hunger response has changed a huge amount. Thinking back to the last day it felt as though I could have fasted for a further 1-2 days without too much stress. Obviously my weight significantly changed losing around 6kgs in 3 days! My appearance has changed I look noticeably less puffed up in my face and body and my eyes are considerably brighter.

And I guess the big question is would I do it again? I will defiantly be looking at fasting as a scheduled thing in my lifestyle. Today is Monday and I feel the better than I’ve ever felt for a Monday morning. No longer had mid morning food cravings. Didn’t think or look to any starchy carbohydrate cravings due to low blood sugar. The only issue I’ve had is a sore lower back, which I put down to poor posture during the stages where I was to physically exhausted to correct my posture whilst laying down. My body fat percentage is the lowest its ever been, I have a abundance of energy, my eyes are clear white and skin is clear. It will be interesting to not whether I put the weight back on and my body fat percentage stays the same..

As a whole, I would say that three day water fasting isn’t for everyone as it requires huge amounts of mental strength and is very taxing on the body… I went through periods of severe lows and highs and it felt like the longest weekend of my life. However I would suggest that everyone look into some of the links I’ve provided bellow and maybe consider a shorter or easier alternative using the fasting technique.

If you have any questions on how to conduct a fast or want to know more on how I dealt with the whole process please contact me and I’ll be happy to talk it over with you.