Group Personal Training

Rarity Fitness offers Group Personal Training Sessions for small groups of 2-3 participants which not only benefits you from the personalised attention and expert training programs but also the added motivation and social aspects to inspire you!

Training with a friend or partner can be the most effective way keep fit and healthy, working off each others vibes can be a motivating and sometimes competitive side of training with massive benefits.

Sessions are constructed for 45 minute in total, with clients educated on correct warm up techniques 5 minutes prior to conducting the exercise, then 10 minutes post training where they are instructed on any further exercise they are required to do in their program.

This ensures that there is never a point where one of you will be lacking motivation with your trainer and training partner(s) getting you through every exercise.

Session Quantity Price Per Session (Per Person)

You’ll find a price list of session available for purchase, this allows you to buy a package suited to your current budget and time frame. Payment options are structures around 3 options of weekly or fortnightly direct debits, payment instalments over a period of time or a paid in full option.