Fitness Testimonials

Rarity prides itself on our clients results and achievements through personal training, group training and group fitness programs. Being some of the best trainers in Perth, our testimonial allows our clients to review our personal training services through our testimonials page telling the world about their amazing fitness experience!


David McCabe

Weight 1st April 2015

– 95.2kg Initial Assessment with Fraser at Rarity Fitness

3rd April First Pt Session 7 April 2015

I went to Rarity fitness on the back of doing some research and visiting different Personal Trainers in the Perth area, I chose to go ahead with Fraser due to the fact that when I met him he was both personable and professional.

I started training 3 times a week with 1 to 1 sessions. At the start everything was difficult I would be worn out from lifting an empty Olympic bar, simple squats, and press ups were a dread. Fraser adjusted my training to fit my strength and to achieve the goals I had set for myself. I was asked to write down daily my food intake to which I would return to Fraser and with his dietary advice he would then adjust my diet to suit, so I have never felt that I have been on a ‘Diet’ but simply eating healthier/cleaner and surprisingly more.

I now find my sessions to be somewhat enjoyable and I genuinely look forward to them, it has also inspired me to also do my own thing away from the gym. The sessions are getting progressively more challenging and the weights are getting heavier but I can really see my body changing and adapting.

At the start of my 4 week trial (12 sessions) I was sluggish, I ate badly and trained worse, my LARGE shirts were tight and my stomach was more sucked in that relaxed. Now though after just the 4 weeks I can tell a massive change, I am now wearing Medium/Small shirts, My trousers are no longer as tight and my confidence is back to where it was years ago. I can see my body changing with both fat reduced and definition gained.

I will continue to work with Fraser to achieve my overall goal and with the correct training and diet I can now see that becoming a massive reality.


-Dave M

Assessment, before and after

Before: 1st April 2015 – 95.2kg, Body Fat 27.53% and 611cm Girth Measurement

After: 1st May 2015 – 86.8kg, Body Fat 19.48% and 586 Girth Measurement

Difference: Weight 8.4kgs, Body Fat 8.05% and 25cm Girth Measurement


4 Week Body Transformation
4 Week Body Transformation
4 Week Body Transformation
4 Week Body Transformation
4 Week Body Transformation
4 Week Body Transformation


Pia Kelly

Hi Fraser,
Just wanted to say congratulations on the opening of Rarity Fitness.
You are a fantastic Trainer, always going above and beyond for your clients- the good folk of South Perth are lucky to have you pick their suburb to establish your business!
Personally I have not come across a better trainer(and I have had many!!); your workouts are varied and creative- particularly love the boxing sessions, and your diet/eating plan knowledge is easy to follow and simple to stick to.
With two small children under 5 I struggle to ‘make time’ for as much training as I’d like- but always feel that I’ve made every second count and that your focus was on me and my goals at all times.
I’ve attached a picture of my beloved Tango and I competing recently- there is no way I could have been competing him in the state I was post-baby number 2- so thank you sincerely for getting me strong and fit enough to be doing what I love so much!

Pia Kelly Fitness Testimonial
Pia’s fitness testimonial, is a inspirational read of how personal training gave her the ability to compete in the state championships!



Grace Sandells

I started my training with Fraser just before the opening of Rarity fitness.

With the aim to get into the police force we focused on building up my strength and agility. Within a few sessions I was already seeing a huge improvement! The sessions were always well structured and enjoyable. What was even better Fraser was able work around my busy schedule which meant no excuses for missing sessions.

I couldn’t recommend Fraser as a Personal Trainer more highly, for his professional approach and thirst for educating his clients. In such a short time he taught me so much from technique and even how to even plan my own circuits.

If your looking for someone to keep you motivated, get you results, find out your full potential and have fun then look no further!

-Grace Sandells


Ann T-Hart

I came to Fraser negative unable to get of the floor and move around freely.

After doing a postural analysis on me, he assured me that I would start to see a noticeable difference in energy levels, range of movement and balance. As I was not at all keen on exercising in the gym he assured me by the time 2 months was up that I would be enjoying training and not feel like its such a burden.

Well now 4 months on I feel great and I’m enjoying my positive change in lifestyle thanks to Fraser!

I was very sad that you left Albany, but all the best for your new life in Perth.

-Ann H


Amy Ryan

I had the privilege of working with Fraser for over his 18 week program and I am so grateful for the time I had with him!

After having my 2 girls so close together my body took a beating and I was struggling mentally and physically to get back on track and tone up. Fraser’s program whipped my butt back into shape and I’m blown away with my strength after the 18 week period.

At no point did I ever think I could lift weights and achieve the results I wanted and now I’m completely addicted to feeling strong and fit.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart you have giving me the confidence to finally wear those denim shorts and I couldn’t be happier.


– Amy R

Fiona Schwab

Fraser was my personal trainer for about 18 months. When I started training I was looking for a well constructed gym program to meet my training goals for general fitness and health as well as toning and moderate strength increases.

I have been a regular gym attendee for many years but Fraser’s fitness techniques and styles of training challenged me in every aspect .

Fraser is a trainer who can really help you set your goals, he is very knowledgeable and able to give you the confidence you would expect from a personal trainer. There is no slacking off allowed when working with Fraser but always with a friendly and professional manner.

I really looked forward to my training sessions with him (at 6am twice a week through winter, that wasn’t going to be easy). After working with Fraser I noticed an improvement in how my clothes were fitting me as well as general well being and energy throughout the day.

Thanks for all your help and good luck with the new gym

-Fiona Schwab