Building Unbreakable Hamstrings

The hamstring or (hammy) is a very underappreciated muscle that a lot of athletes disregard, until the unfamiliar ping (strain) happens! For a long time I’ve had my clients and athletes not only working on glute (hip) strength but also hamstring endurance, through various techniques and exercises designed to help limit the chances of hamstring … Continued

My Experience With A 3 Day Water Fast!

3 Day Water Fast Recently I decided to undertake a three day water fast due to the curiosity around the natural ways to help detoxify the body’s immune, digestive and circulatory system. So naturally all the people who I spoke to about the three day water fast said “why would you want to lose more … Continued

Building Strength In 7 Weeks!

“Strength – The ability to carry out work against a resistance and the maximal force you can apply against that load”.   Strength building can be a confusing thing, the majority of us go to the gym and a lot of us see a huge improvement in the first 3 month phase of our training … Continued

Is Your Fat Loss Routine Working For You?

Has your fat loss routine slowed or completely stopped? Don’t worry this is a very regular thing for anyone who is training and or dieting. Unfortunately our bodies’ metabolism will always do this, as we start to reduce our calorie intake to achieve “fat loss”. So to help you get over this little plateau of … Continued


So you’re 1 month away from a big event that you thought you were looking in peak condition for but the sad realisation is that you are far from there yet. I have numerous people who come to us looking for that quick fire fat loss.. and even though I don’t condone this type of … Continued


PERSONAL TRAINING… CAN IT HELP YOU??   The fitness industry, feeling good, and looking even better has become a world-wide phenomenon over the past few years with a high volume of people becoming personal trainers. With this we get a greater variety of trainers (good and unfortunately bad) to select from. So what should you … Continued

Build Strong Legs With Squats

As we start to come into the warmer parts of the year we slowly start to see who has had a winter of hibernation from the gym and who has continued to push the boundaries and smash serious goals. A goal that a lot of people are focusing on is building a stronger set of … Continued

7 Supplements for Peak Performance and Physique

As part of our training program’s we advise our clients on correct training and nutritional techniques to assist them in getting the most from their hard work. A key part of this is we also advise our clients on any nutritional supplements we believe will benefit them, a lot which are to do with nutritional … Continued

7 Points of Spiritual Healing

  In our world today we are faced with more than just physical challenges and obstacles, but we are face with mental and spiritual weaknesses. We are all currently living in a world where social media, technology and a fast paced lifestyle takes priority, which takes control of our inner and outer health. All too … Continued