Health & Vitality ‘v’ Looking Good … Where does it stop?

So you’ve seen an Instagram post of someone who has a great bum, lean abs or is in your eyes the perfect physic and it’s inspired you to start your ‘fitness’ journey! This is a huge step for anyone to go out of their comfort zone and strive to achieve a healthier and happier life, but where does the obsession of a health become an unhealthy obsession?

We have many people come to us month in month out with the goal to get lean, muscular and toned as quick as possible. But sometimes unfortunately this is the straw that breaks the Camel’s back, with so much drive to achieve that ‘perfect physic’ we lose sight of the fact that this can sometimes become unhealthier.

So what should we be doing to help maintain the focus on health and vitality? Well here are a few good place to start is looking;

Eating: Looking at what we eat and if it is a sustainable and eating habit that you can see being part of your diet for the rest of your life. So this means that if you’re doing nothing but eating chicken and broccoli for that fitness challenge you signed up to then this is probably not a sustainable way to eat, but introducing more veg and lean protein to your diet would be!

Media: Unfortunately we are all susceptible to external sources of influence such as Instagram, facebook etc. We have talked about this before that media is great that it creates inspiration, motivation and education, but on the flip side paints a false sense of what is truly the healthy body compared to what is the looking good body. A good way to moderate this is looking for coaches that are in to educate their clientele and followers. Limit time spent on pages or profiles that encourage bad habits etc and understand there are a lot of ways to make anyone look lean, fit and have the ‘ideal’ body through editing and positioning of the body.

Mind set: A huge factor of fitness is that you should be healthy but also HAPPY! Don’t stress if you’ve missed a gym session, there is nothing more damaging to the body that stress. Once you start worrying that you will lose your ‘gains’ or progress due to skipping a gym session then you’re already on the slippery slope to failure. This also goes for your diet, if you missed a meal or slipped up don’t beat yourself up over it, accept the fact that you could have made a better choice, focus on how you could change it next time and make sure you eat well for the rest of the week.

Movement: We all know that exercise is one of the biggest stress relievers after a hard day’s work or just to help clear the mind. Exercise doesn’t always have to be highly intensive or strenuous but at a level that you think is acceptable to help you get what you want from it. 40 minutes a day of stimulating exercise is perfect for anyone who is looking to achieve health and vitality this can be walking, running, yoga, pilates, sports, weights training, functional movement etc. Have a good program that you can progress through, learn a movement and how it will benefit you get better at it and progress it to something more difficult. Remember spot reduction doesn’t work (area targeted exercise eg. Bum or arms) it’s all about linking your diet with your training. Try to keep training sessions to a maximum of an hour as stress hormones and other factors inhibit your performance and will end up doing more harm than good.

With use of these few things we have established that to achieve ultimate health and peak performance; we need to control what goes into our body, how our mindset behaves with eating and exercising habits, what we see and how it effects our perception health and last but not least how we train and understanding that there is variety. If you feel you are on the right track or feel maybe you’re getting sucked into the ‘looking good’ trend let us know and we can help you get back on the right track!