Is Your Fat Loss Routine Working For You?

Has your fat loss routine slowed or completely stopped? Don’t worry this is a very regular thing for anyone who is training and or dieting. Unfortunately our bodies’ metabolism will always do this, as we start to reduce our calorie intake to achieve “fat loss”. So to help you get over this little plateau of fat loss and get you back on track we can do a few simple things which are listed below!


  1. Exercise- Yes we are all very well educated on the fact we need to move and burn calories to help us lose weight. But how is your training structured? Are you constantly changing variables such as weight, reps, sets, rest periods and intensity? A large amount of your goal will be achieved through a basic periodised program to help you move from week to week, keeping your body guessing on what will be next. A good periodised program will incorporate a “Learning Phase” (where you are introducing your body to various lifts and movements, this will normally be high repetition, light to medium weights, 3-4 sets with minimal rest). “Strength Phase” (this should incorporate lifts you’ve previously learnt in the last few weeks of the “Learning Phase”. This will normally be lower rep ranges 4-6 heavier but manageable weights and multiple sets 4-8 with longer rest periods). The last one should be “Volume Phase” (this should incorporate the exercises which you’ve done over the past two phases into one, it should be intense, have mixed rep and set numbers with minimal rest). To have FREE advice on this please feel free to contact me on here.


  1. Nutrition- The next big thing is what we put in our bodies, this goes hand and hand with our exercise routine and can very often be the reason we are stuck in our plateau. Our diet should incorporate a few basic rules.


  • A source of protein every meal of the day (plant or animal based)
  • Regular intake of fruit and vegetables every meal and grazing during the day
  • Frequent water intake to calculate this do the following equation ( 0.033 x your body weight)
  • Remove or at a minimum reduce your processed food intake (anything that really comes from packaging)
  • Reduce your calorie intake by 200 calories per day (this one is if your counting calories already, if you’re not then just reduce your meal portion a little)
  • Increase your good fat intake (any unsaturated fat) this is a big one!
  • Supplementation (I don’t like to include this but supplements can help you just get over that hurdle and back to losing weight again). Remember supplements are NOT a sustainable thing and should be used as prescribed and directed. My top supplements can be viewed here.
  • Reduce all alcohol and soft drink intake!


  1. Sleep- Well not many of us think about it but sleep is our biggest advocate for us achieving anything to do with body composition. We diet all day, train our arses off and then we back it up with only getting 5-6 hours of sleep a night. Our body after completing all this needs to REST, just like we need rest after completing a heavy set of squats! Some of us need more sleep than other and that is fine but getting to bed at a regular time and waking up at a regular time will make the world of difference. To help with sleep regularities and achieving a well-rested sleep I would suggest, removing yourself from the tech world (phones, computers and even the TV) at least 30 minutes before going to bed. In this 30 minutes you can try some light meditation, reading a book or even talking to your family (which you should already do)!


These are 3 very simple yet effective ways to help you get over your fat loss speed bump and if you would like any help or have any questions please contact me directly.