Corporate Fitness Training

Increasing staff health and happiness through corporate fitness training is an effective way to ensure productivity is at its highest. Reducing sick days, compensation claims as well as building working relationships between employees.

Rarity Fitness is based in the heart of South Perth conducting weekly corporate fitness training within the Perth region, allowing businesses the peace of mind that a quality and effective service is available anywhere any time.

Training programs are customizable from 30-60 minutes and accommodate for groups of 10-70+ individuals. All corporate fitness training includes full postural analysis and health assessment prior to exercise and ongoing fortnightly seminars on nutrition, training habits, health concerns, motivational speaking and education.

For pricing and more information on how you can start increasing production and decreasing days off of your staff contact Rarity to see how our programs will work in with you!

Corporate Fitness Training with Rarity Fitness
Corporate Fitness Training with Rarity Fitness

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