7 Points of Spiritual Healing

7 Points of Spiritual Healing


In our world today we are faced with more than just physical challenges and obstacles, but we are face with mental and spiritual weaknesses. We are all currently living in a world where social media, technology and a fast paced lifestyle takes priority, which takes control of our inner and outer health.

All too often we label the ignorant as weak, however people who express a lack of knowledge yet seek answers and guidance find the path to happiness before anyone else. To find this inner happiness we must look to change. It is the most powerful force in society today. Most people fear change as an unfamiliar experience, but keeping the mind open to new concepts will always move you to higher levels of fulfilment and enjoyment.

These 7 exercises to improve the art of self-leadership are based on the ancient Japanese word of “Kaizen” which in English means “constant and never ending improvement”. These exercises should be done at roughly the same time every day for a period of 21 days. After 21 days these exercises will become habit. The human mind is a complicated thing, but much like our physical bodies we can train it to change accordingly. Through these 7 techniques you will feel the benefits of a strong mind after day one.

  • Moment of piece- Spend as little as 15 minutes in a quiet location, assessing the bodies healing powers and allowing the mind and body to “cool down”. This moment of silence helps connect to your creative sources, which help bring a sense of well-being, inner peace and strong energy flow.
  • Movement- Take time every single day to exercise your body, whether it be going for a run, playing your favourite sport, going to the gym or doing yoga or Pilates. Exercise is one of the biggest healers to depression, anxiety and is the biggest preventer to chronic disease and illness. The flow of fresh oxygen through our blood creates optimal energy levels. They say, “to breath properly is to live properly”.
  • Radiant living- It’s simple, if you nourish your body you nourish your mind. Ensure that you have a sustainable and healthy diet based around colourful, bright and living foods!
  • Knowledge is power- Following your heart and scheduling your daily activities around the things you enjoy is one of the simplest and easiest things you can do to increase power and knowledge. Stop worrying about the clock and start living your life, through the voice of your mind and the rhythm of your heart, this is true happiness. A simple exercise such as reading for 30 minutes a day is a great way of expanding the knowledge of life. What kind of books to read is completely up to you, but choose something that you admire which generates inner inspiration.
  • Personal reflection- Reflecting on a daily basis is the best way to help ignite the hidden talents inside of us. Reflection is a vital key to understanding our motivations, values and lives. If you ever read Ben Franklin’s biography you will see that he always reflects on his daily activities, whether positive, negative or constructive. (Read Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography)
  • Early awakening- We eat breakfast early in the morning to start our nutrition and digestive system. Similar we should awaken our spiritual side by rising in the early hours of the morning, or with the sun. Engaging in this activity has huge benefits. The sun is one of the biggest natural healers, realising your vitality, restoring your emotion and increasing your physical vibrancy. Many of you might wonder what to do with your time if you get up in the early hours of the morning. This is the best time to put together the points from above, sit in silence allowing your mind to flow from one thought to the next, go for a walk or run and nourish your body with vibrant foods.
  • Judgment- We so often view or express emotion as a positive or negative experience. This last point, judgment, has been the most rewarding for myself. Rather than seeing a positive or negative experience, I look at it as a lesson learnt, and these little lessons fuel your inner and outer growth. By doing this it will help you see every situation in a positive or constructive light. This will allow your mind to rid worry and anxiety forever. This is very well measured through your “personal reflection” you will find there will be less negative and more constructive feedback.


After reading these you may think that you don’t have time, or this doesn’t seem like you. Don’t worry it takes time to start a habit but I ensure you that if you try these techniques for 1 month you will feel a heightened sense of satisfaction and happiness. Remember investing in yourself is the best investment you’ll ever make!



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